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As a student, doing research is an integrated part of your daily lives. Before much time was spent in the libraries but today, that is no longer necessary as more and more students are gaining access to the internet. As students, there is so much that you can do with the internet.  The two main uses of the internet in education are communication and information. You can easily communicate with your teachers and fellow students, gain from others’ experience and knowledge and study internationally and use technology such as chat rooms to participate, share ideas and solution and learn about international cultures.

Uses of the Internet in Education

•Easy Contact – You can contact other students or your teachers by e-mail to share and obtain information.

•Collaboration on Projects – The internet is an ocean of information. You can easily find information on any subject known to man. 

•Online Learning – The internet can be easily used for distance learning which is most commonly known as online learning. As mentioned earlier, the internet allows you           to study internationally at your own convenience. 

•Affordable Knowledge – Many people are not in the position to pay for an education. The internet allows people like these to still obtain knowledge if they desire it. In             addition, online courses allow people to specialize in subjects they are good in for an affordable rate. 

•No Age Barrier – The internet provide people of all ages, young and old, with the opportunity to obtain knowledge. It does not matter if you are a student, a housewife           or a professional, you can find knowledge pertaining to you on the internet.

Who are we?

The Literacy Trust is a website that is dedicated to giving students the best advice and guidance on the use of the internet to benefit their education. Our aim is to provide you with the latest educational news and information which you can use for your studies.

On our site, you will:

•Find links to the best online encyclopedias 

•Find the latest educational news as well as economic, social and political news which you will definitely need for different projects.

•Learn how to use multimedia available on the internet to make your learning experience better such as graphics, slides, images, pictures, animation and documentaries.         These definitely have a greater appeal and will make your learning fun. 

Our website is updated on a recent basis. We know that the importance of the internet in your education cannot be denied and we therefore strive to give you access to the internet for a deeper understanding of different subject matters.

Using our website

To actively use our website, you will be required to register so that you can gain access to our site. Once you have access, you will be able to access multiple resources such as:

•free essays

•research projects

•templates for documents such as strategic marketing plans and business plans

•articles on different subject matter

In addition, you can become a member of our online community which will bring you into contact with different students from all over the world. You can easily discuss different subject matters sharing your experience and learning from theirs.

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