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Literacy schools and training Northen Ireland

Literacy levels show imporvement in Northern Ireland

Over the course of one’s upbringing, the need for education remains a constant factor. In Northern Ireland, schools are plentiful and range in complexity of studies, meaning they have schools for all levels of education.

Recent studies among OECD member nations have also shown that literacy levels in Northern Ireland are among the best improved over the past decade or so, a testament to the value and effort the country puts towards the education system. In this article, our aim is to highlight a few of the top schools that offer various types and levels of education training in Northern Ireland.

Specialized schools in Northern Ireland

As implied by the title here, under this category of training institutions we take a look at what some of them have to offer:

The Richard Clarke Academy Belfast

The The Richard Clarke Academy Belfast is an independent school focused on instructing in accounting. It has been touted to be among the leading accounting schools around the UK and to attest to this is the fact that it has been awarded the ACCA Platinum status! This means it is globally recognized center for accounting excellence. Highly rated reviews available about the school all over the web from past and current students further reinforce its position as a great learning place for accounting.

Royal Ulster Academy

The Royal Ulster Academy has been around in existence since the late 1870s, making it one of the oldest learning institutions in Northern Ireland. Over the years it has undergone many changes name-wise and such but has ultimately remained true to its one true teaching that is art. So big and influential is the school that it has been known to hold the largest open art exhibition in Northern Ireland, a true testament to its prowess in the subject.

Totally English

One of the many learning centers specializing in instructing foreigners in English, totally English has cemented its spot in the UK. By offering innovative ways to teach English as well as offering competitive pricing packages compared to other English School Prices, it is a sure bet for those eager to perfect their English.

Universities in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is also home to a lot of globally recognized Universities such as:

Queen’s University

Queen’s University sits at the very top of the list when talking about the best universities in Northern Ireland; overall in the UK it also enjoys top ranking spots. It has a long, rich history all of which has helped it grow into the institution that it is today. It offers a wide range of courses for interested and qualified students as well as being certified to teach English to foreigners.

Ulster University

Another globally recognized institution found in Northern Ireland, Ulster University has its roots dating back to the 1960s. Over that period of time till now, it has grown on to become a major education center of excellence not only in Northern Ireland but also in the UK. This can be attributed to the fact that close to 91% of their graduates go on to gain employment a few months after graduation, a testament to how highly regarded the center is among employers.

Primary and Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland

Primary schools are the places where children first have a taste of what education is all about. As such it should be done in a well informative and engaging manner so as to capture the interest of the learner from an early age.

Breda Academy School

The Breda Academy School was founded quite recently around 2015. Despite it being a new entrant in the education community, it has gone on to prove it is well worth the investment with rising admission rates as well as a high degree and quality of education provided by them.

The UK has a long standing tradition of having grammar schools, a tradition that is still widely practiced and commonplace to this day in Northern Ireland. An example of the many prestigious grammar schools present in Northern Ireland is:

Victoria College

Victoria College has been a center of academic excellence since as early as 1850. The school is an all-girls, non-interdenominational school that always ranks consistently at the top of the secondary schools rankings. It boasts of a well prepared curriculum topped off with a host of extra-curricular activities to keep the students engaged at all times over the course of their studying. The school is also widely regarded for its great French, Italian, German and Spanish language training.

We hope that the information provided in this article will help you make a choice when deciding which is the best school for you or your children.

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  • Literacy schools and training Northen Ireland

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